Lara standing in the vines at a park in Hawaii...Ever since she was a small child, Lara has been helping sick people get better.   As a very small child she remembers playing with dolls - pretending to be a nurse taking care of patients in a hospital.  She also enjoyed visiting the elderly.  She would always cheer them up.
When Lara's parents married, it was a second marriage for each of them.  Although Lara's mother had a daughter from her first marriage, she and her new husband really wanted to start a family together.  Unfortunately, it seemed they would not have any children .  After 10 years of going to healers and doctors, her mother finally got pregnant and Lara arrived at last.  Her parents were so happy to have Lara!  She said she remembers sleeping between her parents when she was very small.  Lara's brother David was born 3 years later.
Lara had a very happy childhood.  She started painting when she was only 3 years old.  Lara's father was an engineer with degrees from three universities.  He owned a factory which produced wine.  Lara was very close to her father.  By the age of 4 or 5 he had taught her to play chess and to swim.  Lara's mother played guitar, accordian and piano.  She taught Lara basic music chords on the piano and shared her love of music with Lara.  When Lara was only 5 years old she started composing.  She recalls hearing a song she liked and coming home to play it by ear.  Lara "made up chords my way", as she put it.  Lara's parents divorced when she was only 7 years old.
 Lara started music school when she was 7 years old, and continued until she was 14.  Lara then went on to college for 4 years of piano, graduating with a degree in piano and composition.  Although Lara's degree qualified her to be a piano teacher, she wanted to continue her studies and make a career in music.
All that was about to change.  At 19 years of age, Lara took a Harmony class and suddenly during a test, she couldn't remember how to write or compose music.  Three days later, everything was fine, back to normal.  This was the first instance of a problem which would continue and worsen.  Soon afterwards, Lara became reclusive and unable to sleep.  Neither Lara nor her parents knew what it was, but they all knew something was wrong.  It was a very upsetting time for the whole family.  At one point, Lara was unable to speak at all.  It was at this time that her parents took her to the doctor to find out what was wrong.  A brain scan showed a dark spot on the right side of her brain.  The doctor recommended brain surgery.  Lara's father took her to Moscow for a second opinion.  The second brain scan was perfectly normal.  It was during this visit that Lara's incredible "big" energy was discovered.  She had inherited it genetically from her father.  The reason Lara had gotten sick was that she did not have any way to dissipate the extra energy flowing through her body.  That was what was making her sick.  In Moscow they opened her energy and had her work with other patients who were scheduled to undergo operations.   Lara was told to put her hands on the patients, and she did.  Then she would take her hands away.  This was repeated for 5 days and after the 5th day the doctors would do tests and find that the patient was cured of whatever ailment would have needed surgery.
Lara Chkhetiani - with happy parrots!Lara left the Republic of Georgia (formerly Soviet Union) and now lives in Barrytown, NY with her husband, Merab Uridia and two children, Marie and David.  Her oldest daughter, Tamara Tabushvili gave birth to a beautiful little girl who was named Maya, so Lara is now a grandmother.
Lara is somewhat of a Renaissance woman.  She continues to treat healing clients at her home and at workshops in Hawaii and Europe, and creates jewelry and paintings infused with her energy.  This website allows people to see her works of art and find out more about her Healing work.  One of Lara's original compositions can be heard on her Music page.


To reach Lara, call her at (845) 758-4342, or email her at lara@larachkhetiani.com or by clicking on Contact Lara .



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